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What To Expect When You Get a Chemical Peel

Watch Lance prepare a Vitamin A chemical peel treatment and answer questions on what to expect.

  • Day 1

    Immediately post treatment my skin felt quite warm and a little itchy. I usually experience a histamine response to skin treatments, so I was ready to take an antihistamine post treatment. Under instruction from my dermal clinician, I will not get my face wet tonight or use any active ingredients on my skin for 5 days.

  • Day 2

    Woke with my skin feeling quite tight, with a tiny bit of flaking of skin around my nose area, outside of where a barrier cream was added to protect the corners of my nose. Areas of tightness are predominantly around my mouth and chin. I do have a small amount of swelling in my cheeks, and my overall skin still feels quite warm. Because of the mild stinging sensation, I have only used a mild cleanser in the morning and post treatment balm.

  • Day 3

    Woke with extremely dry, tight skin. Today my skin has started to peel off in small pieces, similar to cracked clay. I used a mild cleanser in the shower, and when I gently worked my fingers in a circular motion, the skin would lift off immediately. After washing my face, I could only use a small amount of post treatment balm because it did sting a little. My skin still felt quite warm.

  • Day 4

    Awoke today with dry, tight skin. It looks like I’ve gotten bad sunburn, particularly around my mouth, chin, and cheek area. My skin is very flaky, and when I gently wash my face in a circular motion, some skin washes away. I started on Aspect Dr. Hyaluronic Serum with my post treatment to get some much needed nourishment while the stinging sensation calms down. I’m still also taking my antihistamines, as I know from previous experience with my skin, it helps to reduce any irritation I experience post treatment. Irritation is a normal reaction to a chemical peel, and irritation levels normally vary from person to person.

  • Day 5

    Today I woke to see much better skin! Definitely not as tight or dry and still a little flaky and bumpy, but I’m definitely starting to see a beautiful glow that a Vitamin A peel brings. Also, I’m now able to apply more Aspect Dr. Hyaluronic Serum and post treatment balm today as the stinging sensation has significantly reduced.

  • Day 6

    Definitely seeing fresher skin today with minimal flaking and mild redness. I can now use my Aspect Dr Multi B Serum, Cosmedix Elite Pepoxide, and my Aspect Gold Hydra Shield SPF 15 moisturiser. My skin is no longer sensitive or tight.

  • Day 7

    My skin is soft and glowing with a tiny bit of dry skin left on my cheeks. The skin discolouration along my jawline from sun damage/pigmentation has reduced significantly, and my uneven skin tone and texture has dramatically improved. I’ve also found my fine lines have diminished and my homecare products are absorbing a lot better.

Overall, I absolutely love how my skin looks and feels, and my Vitamin A chemical peel treatment was a huge success to my complexion.