What Should You Expect from Laser Facial Treatments?

What Should You Expect from Laser Facial Treatments

Searching for a non-intrusive way to rejuvenate the skin and enhance your natural features can be confusing, and our clients often have a lot of questions. Which treatment do I need? Will it solve my skin problems? Is it going to hurt?

To help you out, we’ve cleared up some of the key points so you know what to expect from facial laser treatments.


How does a laser facial treatment work?

A laser facial (also known as skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation), works by directing short, concentrated pulses of light onto specified areas of the skin. The laser stimulates collagen growth to improve the tone and texture of the skin – effectively polishing and perfecting superficial skin concerns and creating more vibrancy. It’s a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t require surgery.

This versatile treatment isn’t confined to use solely on the face, either; lasers can also be used to treat skin on the hands, neck, chest and arms.


What should you do before & after the session?

So, how should you prepare for your first session? Here’s our guide to ensure you get the most out of your treatment.


Before the procedure:

  • Tell your dermal therapist about your medical history, previous cosmetic treatments and any medication you’re taking
  • Talk to your dermal therapist about your skin concerns and expectations from laser
  • Your dermal therapist will remove any lotions or creams on your skin
  • Avoid sun exposure for two weeks leading up to your appointment
  • Avoid topical products that cause photosensitivity for three days prior to your treatment


After the procedure:

  • Follow the aftercare guide and use any products recommended by your dermal therapist
  • Avoid excessive heat or exercise for 24-48 hours following the treatment
  • Use sunblock with SPF 30 or more daily
  • Avoid topical products that cause photosensitivity


Will laser improve my skin conditions?

The benefits of laser facials are vast, and it has been proven to improve a variety of skin conditions. While many patients see results following just one session, most people need 4-6 treatments spaced around one month apart for maximum impact.

Skin rejuvenation treatments can lead to the following results on the face and body:

  • The reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • An improvement in the skin’s texture
  • Improvements in pore size
  • The reduction or elimination of scars and acne scars
  • The reduction or elimination of age spots
  • The correction of sun-damaged skin


What can I expect during & after laser facial treatment?

Patients that have never undergone laser treatments often feel apprehensive about the experience. To put your mind at ease, here’s what you can expect during and after the procedure.


During the treatment:

If our dermal therapists have determined you to be a good candidate for laser treatments, we’ll book a suitable time to start your treatment. Your therapist will begin by cleansing and preparing the area and will provide eyewear to protect your eyes from the lights.

Small beams of light will then be applied to the area. This isn’t painful – in fact, many of our patients describe a warm, soothing sensation. If you’re feeling uncomfortable at any point, just let your therapist know and they’ll take steps to ensure your well-being.

Treatments typically take up to half an hour, though this can vary slightly depending on the size of the area we’re focusing on.


After the treatment:

One of the best things about laser skin facials is that there’s no downtime, and you’ll be able to return to work or your day-to-day activities immediately following the treatment. You may notice some redness or dryness, but this subsides quickly, and your therapist may advise using a cool compress if necessary.

Often, patients notice improvements in their skin tone and vitality shortly after their first appointment. Thanks to the production of new dermal collagen, the skin continues to revitalise for months following the treatment, and you may continue to see improvements. We recommend looking after your skin by avoiding damaging UV lights and using a scientifically-proven skincare routine.

Your Evolve dermal therapist can provide more details about our recommended aftercare products.


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