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Advanced acne treatment

Break up with the breakout with the Evolve Breakout Therapy

Often there is not one cause of breakouts of acne. Therefore, not one treatment type alone will best combat your skins unique issue with P. acne, the bacteria which causes acne.

Evolve Breakout Therapy

The Evolve Breakout Therapy includes three treatments in one session and takes around forty-five minutes.

  • Chemical Peel
    The first treatment works on the top layer of the skin where dead cells combine with oil and debris to create blockages, specifically within the pore. This creates fantastic real-estate for P. acne bacteria to thrive and cause breakouts. Chemical peels not only remove debris and unblock pores, but also increase the rate of your skin’s natural exfoliation process. All of this leads to less breakouts, brightening, a more youthful appearance and skin thickening for a better functioning barrier.
  • Laser Genesis
    Working on the next level, this near infrared wavelength is effective at regulating oil production. High amounts of oil are often associated with increased P. acne Bacteria. The treatment is very pleasant, safe on all skin types and feels like you’re sitting close to a warm fireplace in winter.
    The heat of the treatment assists in destroying P. acne bacteria and is also very effective at reducing the skin blemishes that your breakout has left behind, as well as improving light scarring.
  • Lymphatic Enzyme Therapy
    Working on the deepest layer of the skin, the enzyme mask works by compressing the skin, forcing debris in the dermal fluids out and into the lymphatic system. Secondly as the enzyme mask is drying on the skin impurities are drawn into the mask. Although we don’t like using buzz words at Evolve a nice way to describe this is “flushing the bad out, like a detox.”

After the treatment your skin will feel incredibly clean, warm and slightly flushed. This is likely to last three to six hours. Some temporary dryness is also normal.

From $250 Per Session

Some great tips when struggling with breakouts:
  • Avoid products that contain oil and replace them with oil-free noncomedogenic products.
  • Use a mild acid-based cleanser of a type that your skin can tolerate. Lactic acid is good for drier, sensitive skin or first-time users, while thicker, oiler skin can benefit from glycolic or salicylic acid-based cleansers.
  • Use Vitamin A and B creams, but don’t buy just any product. Often A and B serums are also used for anti-ageing purposes and contain other ingredients that won’t work in your favour. A great product to start with is PCA Clear Skin.
  • Finally, keep the skin hydrated with oil-free moisturizers and a serum with anti-antioxidants and oil-free sunscreen to protect the vulnerable skin from sun damage. Our favourites are PCA Clear Skin, Aspect Dr Opti Boost and PCA Weightless Protection.

As every person’s skin is unique, we recommend having a free consultation with our qualified dermal clinicians to assess, problem-solve and formulate an individualised treatment plan for your skin.