How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost

CoolSculpting is the revolutionary way to freeze fat in the arms, chin, stomach, thighs and almost any other part of the body that patients want to contour. As an FDA-approved product, CoolSculpting is popular amongst both men and women worldwide that want to target fat bulges to achieve a more sculpted physique.

But how much does it cost? In this guide, we’ll talk you through the price of CoolSculpting in Melbourne, and how you can get the best value for money from the procedure.


Is CoolSculpting the most affordable fat freezing procedure?

There are several other non-surgical fat reduction techniques on the market, with products such as CoolTech and ChillSculpt being offered as another alternative to liposuction. While CoolSculpting isn’t the cheapest option, it does have benefits that place it at a higher standard than the others:

  • Thanks to extensive testing and scientific research, CoolSculpting has proven to be the safest and most effective fat freezing procedure.
  • As an FDA-approved product, CoolSculpting clients can feel confident that the benefits outweigh the risks.
  • The results of CoolSculpting are noticeable. While the number of required treatments varies for each patient, you can expect up to a 25% fat reduction in the area at the end of your treatment plan.
  • The precision of the CoolSculpting applicator targets the necessary fat cells and leaves very little room for human error.
  • Results are permanent if clients maintain healthy eating and exercise habits.


How much will I have to pay for CoolSculpting?

The price of CoolSculpting differs in Melbourne and around the world, and the overall cost depends on the individual. Factors like the areas of concern, your goals and the number of treatments required to get you there will all influence the cost.

At Evolve ACM, each CoolSculpting cycle is $550.

Our qualified physicians can provide a clearer estimate of how many cycles you may need to achieve your goals during your initial CoolSculpting assessment.


How can I get the best value for money?

Achieving your beauty goals is important to you, and we believe that opting for the highest quality in medical aesthetic care is the simplest way to achieve a more confident version of you. We find that clients don’t save money by choosing the cheapest clinic; they save money by choosing the best. Opt for a reputable clinic and a qualified therapist for optimal results and leading value for money.

Your therapist will provide an aftercare guide following the procedure. Although there is typically no downtime associated with the treatment, we suggest drinking lots of water and avoiding certain anti-inflammatory medication. Follow your physician’s advice and sustain a healthy lifestyle for longer-lasting results.

Evolve ACM offers zipMoney to help manage the cost of your non-surgical enhancements; simply apply online and enjoy a flexible, interest-free payment plan.


Discuss your options

Book a professional consultation with the experts at Evolve to discuss your concerns in more detail and receive an estimate about the number of treatments you may need. All initial consultations are free-of-charge and take place in a welcoming, prestigious environment, where you can get the answers to any questions you may have.