Getting Rid of Your Under-Eye Circles and Hollows

Getting Rid of Your Under-Eye Circles and Hollows

Stubborn under eye circles and hollows can go beyond simply feeling fatigued. If you’re noticing circles, hollows or “bags”, under your eyes every day, this could simply be a hereditary feature or a sign of aging. Whatever the cause, under eye circles and hollows can really knock our confidence – though there might be a simple way to get rid of them.

At Evolve ACM, we speak to patients every day who feel like they’ve tried everything – cold cucumbers, extra pillows, lemon water, more sleep and every eye cream on the market. If this resonates with you, dermal fillers could be a suitable way to ease or eliminate your under-eye hollows and circles, to restore a fresher, well-rested appearance.


What causes under eye circles and hollows?

The skin below the eyes is thinner and looser than elsewhere on the body, making blood vessels below the skin more visible. As we age, we lose collagen and fat, which causes the under-eye area to sag or become hollower.

Though there may be some other simple measures to reduce circles below the eyes, patients that suffer from hollowness due to hereditary or aging reasons may find these methods to be ineffective. Under eye dermal fillers in Melbourne have become popular for their fast, visible results that can last up to two years.


How do dermal fillers work?

Dermal fillers under the eyes address the “tear trough” hollows – the natural indention that sits above the rim of the cheekbone. Qualified practitioners can restore volume by gradually injecting dermal fillers, a prescription-only medication, into targeted areas of the face to restore fullness and achieve a more youthful appearance.

Depending on the individual, there are two primary treatments that address eye bags:

  1. Adding volume to the cheek – as we age, the fat in our cheek (known as “malar fat pad”) loses volume and sags. This can increase the appearance of the hollow trough below our eyes and can be addressed with cosmetic injectables that restore volume in the cheeks.
  2. Addressing the tear trough directly – patients with a deep filler trough that don’t need extra volume in the cheek can have dermal filler injected directly into the under-eye trough. This lifts the area and restores the smooth transition from the eyes to the cheek.


Am I a good candidate for under eye fillers?

If you’re suffering from dark shadows, hollow circles, or “bags” below the eyes and you find that a simple good night’s sleep doesn’t fix the problem, tear trough fillers might be the solution you’re looking for.

If under eye bags are due to sagging skin caused by aging, or are just something that runs in your family, you could be a good candidate for dermal fillers. Those with mild tear troughs tend to see the most improvement, while clients with moderate tear troughs usually notice some improvement. If you want to eliminate severe tear troughs, a surgical alternative may be most effective.

Dermal fillers are also unsuitable for dark circles caused by excessive pigmentation or puffiness that results from the pooling of fluids triggered by allergies.


Assess your suitability with a free consultation

We recommend speaking to a specialist to discuss your individual concerns and goals, to find out if cosmetic injections could successfully eliminate your under-eye hollows and circles. Book a complimentary assessment with the registered doctors and nurses at Evolve ACM in Melbourne CBD to discuss your options.