Cosmetic Surgery & First Impressions


The older we become, we learn there are lots of things about life that can change with time – but there’s one thing that remains constant at every age and every stage of life: First impressions count. A lot. And a lot of those “impressions” are derived not only from the way you act, but also from the way you look. In fact, studies show that most of us form those all-important first impressions within just a few moments of meeting someone – and that means that, rightly or wrongly, looks do count. That doesn’t mean you need to be devastatingly attractive to make a really good first impression. But it does mean that if you want to put your best foot forward and get an “edge” when it comes to your work or social life, looking your best certainly doesn’t hurt.


As children (and young adults), we learn a lot about what makes a good impression: Make eye contact. Practice good posture. Smile. Be sincere. But guess what? Most of those take time – as it turns out, more time than you can afford to spend when you’re trying to impress. In fact, a study conducted by researchers at Princeton University found most of us make a first impression of someone within about 100 milliseconds – that’s about one-tenth of a second – far less time than it takes to say “100 milliseconds” in fact. Now, what kind of judgments can a person make in so brief a time span? A lot. In their study, the scientists found that within that tiny 100 millisecond “window,” people made judgments not only about a person’s physical appearance and relative attractiveness, but also about important characteristics like competence, trustworthiness and likeability – all critical in just about any type of setting. What’s more, when people were given additional time, those initial responses didn’t change, demonstrating that yes, that very brief tenth of a second is vitally important.

And once an impression is formed, it seems there’s not a whole lot you can do – at least initially – to change it, according to researchers from the University of Toronto. In this study, participants provided with photos of individuals stuck to their split-second impressions of those individuals even when provided with information that contradicted those impressions. Even more impressive, those first impressions – formed in the split-second after meeting – are long-lasting. How long-lasting? Researchers from Cornell University say as long as six months – and maybe more. In that study, people were asked to view photos of women to make that all-important first impression. Then six months later, the study participants came in contact with those same women and were asked to interact with them in a specific way without knowing they had seen them before. At the end of the interaction, the impressions of the women remained unchanged, despite the interaction. Specifically, if the study participants believed a woman to be likable and agreeable based on her picture, they also found her to be likable and agreeable in person; but if the participants felt the woman in the photo was unlikable and disagreeable based on her picture, that same impression carried through after the face-to-face interaction.


Making a great first impression doesn’t mean you have to change yourself into a supermodel or mega-hunk. Instead, it means realistically improving what you can to make sure your best inner qualities are shown to their best advantage. In short, you need to do all you can to “grab” your audience’s positive attention right from the start in order to have the opportunity to build on those first impressions over time. Most of us know the standards: Pay attention to grooming, don’t go overboard on makeup, get a haircut and dress appropriately for the circumstances. But those are just the very basics. To truly make your best impression, you need to dig a little deeper. For some, that may mean investing in a gym membership to shed those extra pounds. And for most of us, it also means taking the time to correct the little irregularities that detract from our overall appearance – in essence, improving on what Mother Nature has given us – through cosmetic enhancement.

When most people think of cosmetic enhancement, their minds immediately drift toward cosmetic surgery (and perhaps, the horror tales of plastic-surgery-gone-awry). But the reality is, there are plenty of cosmetic options that can help you look your best – enhance your natural qualities – without undergoing invasive surgical procedures. In fact, thanks to lasers and other technological advances, in addition to a deeper understanding of our skin and the way it changes and responds to damage and to age, today there are more options than ever before to look your best with simple interventions that not only improve the way you look, but can also improve the underlying structure of your skin.

At Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Medicine, we specialise in enhancement procedures that help bring out your natural qualities so you look more energized, more refreshed, more youthful and, yes, more attractive. Our procedures are noninvasive or minimally-invasive, and they can be performed on an outpatient basis – often in an hour or less – so you can have your procedure and then get back to your life without missing a beat. Plus, the state-of-the-art technology we use allows us to customise your treatments specifically for your needs so your results are natural-looking, only better. And there’s a bonus: When you look your best, you tend to feel more confident about yourself. And when you feel more confident, you’re more likely to exude positivity that can make you seem friendlier and more attractive, whether you’re interviewing for a job, embarking on a new relationship or venturing out on another bold adventure.


Everyone is unique, and that means that making a great first impression is going to mean something different for every person. The team at Evolve Advanced Cosmetic Medicine understands that, and that’s why we work closely with every client to understand their concerns and their goals and to suggest treatment options and solutions that are tailored specifically for each individual. Take the first step toward your best you. Use our online form or reach us directly at +61 3 8580 7014 and schedule your custom consultation and evaluation today.