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Would I be a good candidate for CoolSculpting on my arms?

I want to know if Coolsculpting will help reduce how large the back and sides of my arms look. I spend hours crying and hiding myself due to this. I have a large rib cage and broad shoulder and fat arms. I’m not sure what is wrong with my posture but I also appear to have a “buffalo hump” on my neck.

Although it is difficult to tell from your photo, in general Coolsculpting has been very successful in our clinic for treatment of the upper arms. I would recommend that you have a consultation with a Coolsculpting expert in . Melbourne, who can assess your body in person, and give you a realistic idea of your potential to benefit from treatment. Coolsculpting is very good at treating pockets of “subcutaneous fat”, the fat just under the skin. If you can “grab hold of” an area, it is likely that it can be treated effectively with Coolsculpting. Approximately 20-25% of fat cells in the area are killed with each cycle of treatment, so many clients may wish to have a number of treatment cycles to the same area, spaced at a few months apart, to maximise the treatment effect