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Which do I do first, CoolSculpting or gastric banding?

I’m 50 and about to do either gastric sleeve or banding in the next 6-month to lose approx. lose 30 kgs (also because I have degenerative bones in my ankles), but I do have big upper arms, and I’m nervous that I might get flabby skin. Should I look into CoolSculpting to reduce the fat on my arms before the gastric surgery?

Gastric sleeve and gastric banding surgery is extremely successful in helping people lose weight. You will lose fat from many areas on your body, and of course we can’t predict exactly how much and where from. Some of the best results that we see from CoolSculpting have come in people who are at the end of a weight-loss journey and need the final “touch-up”. CoolSculpting is fantastic for those last pockets of fat that just won’t shift no matter how hard we try, whether it be with exercise, diet or surgery. My thoughts are that you should lose as much of the weight as you can with the surgery, and then assess your options when your weight has stabilised. At that stage you can also assess what your arms look like. Depending on amount of weight loss that you undergo, you may wish to consider surgical treatment of your arms if there is a significant amount of loose skin. If there is not loose skin, CoolSculpting can be the perfect non-invasive treatment. CoolSculpting for the upper arms has had fantastic success in our clinic, and although in general CoolSculpting doesn’t tighten skin, there is often enough elastic recoil in the skin that you won’t notice sagging.