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Passing Out With Fillers

How can I stop myself passing out when I get anti-wrinkle injections or filler?

Why exactly do you pass out? And when? Before, during or after the injection? If you have a fear of needles, perhaps you can ask your injector to “hide” the needle from you so you don’t see it at all.

Does the actual sting of the injection cause you to pass out? Your injector can use ice to numb the area beforehand to minimise discomfort. Ensure that you have eaten a small meal prior to your injections so your blood sugar doesn’t drop, and drink a few glasses of water beforehand so that you are well hydrated.

If you start feeling dizzy, perhaps a jelly bean to raise your blood sugar may help. You can also ask to lay down, with your feet above the level of your heart if you are feeling dizzy.

After the injections, take a few moments to catch your breath before you stand up. Hopefully all of these things will help you! If you’d like more information see our anti-wrinkle injections FAQ page.