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Is Double Chin Injections Safe?

Are there side effects?

Although double chin injection is a cosmetic procedure, it is important to understand that it is still a medical procedures, and that some small risks exist, as for any medical procedure. The most common side-effect is a significant amount of swelling, which you should be prepared for, and may want to plan around.

The swelling is a good sign that the treatment is working, and is expected to peak at forty eight hours after injection. The swelling lasts for an average of seven days. If bruising occurs most patients find that it can easily be covered by makeup until the bruise resolves, which takes a few days.

Another, much rarer side effect is a temporary, asymmetrical smile. This may occur if the medication is injected too close to the nerve that helps move some of the muscles of your mouth. This risk can be minimised by avoiding injecting too close to the jaw, which is where the nerve usually runs.

Your highly trained doctor is familiar with the anatomy of the area, and will discuss with you the safest sites for treatment. If this asymmetrical smile occurs it is likely to last for an average of six weeks until the nerve recovers. Allergic reactions are also possible after any medication injection, although the likelihood of this is small.