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Is Coolsculpting beneficial for saddle bags?

Is CoolSculpting beneficial for saddle bags? Or to be more precise, my outer thighs?

The outer thighs are one of the areas most commonly treated with Coolsculpting. Other commonly treated areas include the stomach, hips, love-handles, and double-chins, although almost any problem area can be targeted with a Coolsculpting fat-sculpting treatment. The non-invasive fat-freezing technique utilises a process as cryolipolysis: the fat cells in your body are known to freeze at a different temperature to other, healthy cells. Coolsculpting takes advantage of this fact by applying a device that resembles a cold vacuum to your outer thighs, love-handles, double-chin or other problem areas, and freezing the fat cells, while leaving the normal tissue unharmed. The body’s natural processes then break down and eliminate the fat cells over the next few weeks and months. No hospital stay, no anaesthetic, no painful surgery or incisions, and you can go back to work immediately after your treatment.