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Fat dissolving injections for under-eye bags

Fat dissolving injections are only approved for under-chin fat, but I was wondering is there any scientific or technical reason as to why it can’t be used some time in the future to melt fat bags under-eyes?

While in theory fat dissolving injections can be used to treat fat in any area of the body, the FDA has only been approved it for use under the chin. There have been trials performed demonstrating that the injections are safe and effective for treatment of fat under the chin, but there is no data on its safe and effective use in any other body region. I would strongly advise against using these injections under the eyes, as there are many important structures in this region, and no recognised “safe-zone” for injection. There are other options for treating bags under the eyes, including the use of injectable dermal fillers to the region, and this would be my preference. I would suggest that you seek advice from a plastic surgeon or aesthetic physician who can discuss your aesthetic treatment goals with you and discuss the safest options for you.