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Did my face get burned by an IPL Photo-Facial?

Yesterday I had an IPL photo facial at a medial spa by a licensed technician. While my whole face is shocking, my forehead looks burnt rather than coffee ground. While other parts of my face have a coffee ground look with a touch of overzealous burn. I’ve never had it done before so I don’t know what to do, I just know that my whole face looks very bad. Will it get better?

It sounds like an IPL burn. It is best to go back and speak to them and get some advice on how to look after the burn. Keep the area moist with a good quality burn ointment or pure aloe-vera gel. If the technician offers no help I would highly recommend you seek a second opinion from another skin professional. Avoid direct sunlight until the area is healed and get onto some good homecare from a professional to address any post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation that can occur as a result of the treatment.