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Double Chin Injections vs Chin Lipo

Is double chin fat injections as effective as lipo under the chin?

Double chin fat injections and liposuction both have their place, and whichever one that you choose depends on your budget and your treatment goals. Liposuction under the chin has excellent and immediate results but involves a surgical procedure and a general anaesthetic with all of the risks that go along with it. You will have to be admitted to hospital. Surgical liposuction may also be more expensive, more invasive and requires you to wear a chin compression garment post-operatively. Injections for treatment of the double chin may be cheaper and are certainly much quicker and less invasive. The injections can be done in a matter of minutes and you can continue about your regular activities. There is usually a degree of swelling associated with double chin injections, and most people require at least two treatments spaced at six to eight weeks apart. It is estimated that about 85-90% of people are happy with the results that they achieve from their double chin injections, and there have been no permanent side-effects reported.