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Does a CoolSculpting massage impede results?

I previously had 4 applicators, 2 on lower abdomen and 2 flanks each for 35 minutes. After each treatment I had a 2 minute massage to help breakdown the fat etc. I have enquired at a different place for my arms and legs however they said that because the machine only requires a 30 minute treatment it doesn’t require the massage? Can a qualified professional confirm this please? I’m tempted to do the massage on myself because I don’t know how I feel about that advice.

The two-minute massage following Coolsculpting treatment is recommended for optimum results, although the majority of fat cells in the treatment area have still sustained a cold-injury that will lead to fat cell death. The reason for the massage is that it is thought to give the last small amount of damage to fats cells on the very edge of the treatment area to “push them over” into cell death: these cells have sustained some damage by the cold, but not as much injury as the cells in the centre of the treatment. You will definitely still have the effect of death of fat cells; you may just find that you have a slightly lesser effect than if the full two-minute massage were performed.