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After Coolsculpting, what happens to new fat coming into the body?

Why is this treatment not for type 1 diabetic people? Please correct me if i am wrong: Coolsculpting is killing fat cells around the treated area. Obviously, other fat cells in other areas still remain. I want to know what will happen to newly consumed fat? The body tends to store fat for “cloudy days” so I guess the new fat will be stored in non-treated areas, which can lead to weird deformations in normally thinner areas like neck, feet, etc.

Each Coolsculpting cycle kills 20-25% of the fat cells in the treated area, and you are correct in saying that they will not return. Newly consumed fat will go to the remaining fat cells, which enlarge. You won’t notice anything strange, as the fat will be evenly distributed to the remaining cells.

Provided that your diabetes is well controlled, it should still be possible to undergo Coolscultping. You will have to keep a close watch on your blood sugar levels and may want to have a source of sugar close at hand in case of a “hypo”. In theory you may also be at slightly risk of nerve pain, due to the nerve problems that can be caused by long-standing poorly controlled diabetes. If you have any queries, I would certainly recommend that you discuss it with your endocrinologist beforehand.