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Can I get a Coolsculpting treatment after spinal surgery?

Had spinal surgery and a titanium rod in from the mid back down to the end of my spine. Could I still have CoolSculpting done?

It sounds like you had your spinal fusion operation performed with an incision along the middle of your back; you should be able to have Coolsculpting with no problems. The only reason why spinal surgery may be a problem is if your incision is on the front or side of your abdomen; in this case Coolsculpting is still possible, but your treating Coolsculpting professional should check your abdomen for a hernia at the site of the scar. When was your operation? Your spinal surgeon may prefer for you to wait a few months between the operation and your Coolsculpting. If you have any concerns at all, I would advise you to speak to your spinal surgeon before having Coolsculpting. As a general rule, surgical implants are not a concern when we are treating with Coolsculpting, as the applicator cools the skin and superficial fat only.